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Dental Assistants - Overman Family Dentistry

Dental Assistants

Dental Assistants at Overman Family Dentistry

Jenny, Dental Assistant

Jen has been working in the dental field for 11 years. She strives to do the best she can to help others be more comfortable in our office. It is important to Jen to make sure that your dental visit can be the best visit possible.


 Marsha, Dental Assistant

Marsha brings over 40 years of experience to her excellence in caring for patients. She loves making sure people feel comfortable and cared for in our office. She has worked for multiple doctors over the years gaining insight into patient care. She was a lab technician which brings great value to our patients with the ability to do denture repairs and tooth replacements the same day.

She was the Dux Dental “ Assistant of the year in 2007”.
If you want to meet one of the best assistants in the field give us a call!

 "I love working with the children that come in to Overman Family Dentistry.  We have a puppet named Alli the Alligator, and I love using it to teach children the fun and value of taking care of their teeth."

Kelsey, Dental Assistant

Kelsey brings 6 years of experience of Dentistry as a dental assistant. She graduated from the Dental Assistant program at DMACC in 2010. Kelsey has experience from different offices, gaining experience in the dental practice and patient's needs.

Kelsey is very kind, and gentle person. Who excels in making patient's feel welcome and comfortable.

"I love taking care of patients, making them feel comfortable and at home."




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