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Ceramic Crown and Bridge

60 year old female Patient TS: TS came to our office concerned about her discolored front teeth that had been treated with Root canal therapy. They had been bleached multiple times without  the desired results. TS also was unhappy with the dark line above her crown caused by the metal collar of the crown material. A complete exam revealed years of wear on her front teeth and stain due to old material used in root canal and fillings. The front teeth had chipped and worn due to the way her teeth lined up.

Her treatment included a diagnostic waxup which allowed us to try in her new teeth before doing any work and gave us the ability to see the final results before any treatment was started. Before proceeding with all ceramic crowns improving the strength, durability, and esthetics of her front 6 teeth, we thoroughly reviewed both the look of her teeth and the way they functioned in her mouth. You can see from the after picture how much more she even smiles now with her newly restored smile.


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