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Comprehensive Oral Exam - Overman Family Dentistry

Comprehensive Oral Exam

Comprehensive Oral Exam

Overman Family Dentistry is an office that focuses on comprehensive dentistry.  We don’t just treat the symptoms; we find the reasoning behind them.  Whether it is headaches, jaw pain, cosmetic issues, or broken teeth, we do our best to understand WHY a patient may be experiencing certain symptoms.  Doing so allows us to proceed with the absolute best care, as opposed to simply fixing what we see on the surface.  The comprehensive approach to dentistry is designed to inspire you to smile.  Giving you a basic understanding of the health of your mouth is an incredibly valuable tool, in that it can allow you make informed choices to improve your health and quality of life.

All of this begins with our comprehensive oral exam, which includes the following:

1. Digital Imaging
We take a series of digital images in order to understand the condition of the teeth, jaw joints, sinuses, and bone levels.  We use these images so we can better explain to the patient what we see.  We give each patient a “tour of their mouth,” in order to best explain its overall health.  You, the patient, get to view these images with us as we evaluate the health of your mouth together. 

2. Oral Cancer Screening
Dr. Overman looks at the tissues in the mouth as well as the x-rays to determine any issues regarding oral cancer or abnormalities.  Finding problems early is important for the best chance of being remedied.

3. Periodontal Exam
During this portion of the Comprehensive Oral Exam, we look at the gum health, tooth structure, and how your teeth function in relation to your jaw joints.  This allows us to diagnose potential periodontal disease, clenching and grinding issues, as well as the reasons for cracked or broken teeth.  Gaining an understanding of these issues allows you to decide what treatment you would prefer.

4. Explanation
What does all of this mean? At the end of the exam, we will review all of this information with the patient so they can understand why they may be experiencing certain symptoms.  Dr. Overman will inform you, using all the images taken during the exam, of the condition of your mouth.  We strive to help you fully understand this information as well as how you can proceed with treatment.  The beautiful thing about dentistry is that there are several options for optimal health.  Dr. Overman reviews all of these options with you and then you choose how to proceed! Our desire is for our patients to never feel pressured, but to simply understand the need for treatment and the importance of your health; it may change your life.


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