Our Services - Overman Family Dentistry
Our Services - Overman Family Dentistry

Our Services

All of our services at Overman Family Dentistry are centered around the concept of Comprehensive Care. Much of dentistry in the past would only focus on a single tooth without understanding the many circumstances influencing a person's dental health. Tooth problems are caused by many factors and it is our desire to provide long term solutions to your dental health - addressing causes rather than just symptoms.

Through continuing education, Dr. Overman continues to fine tune his skills in order to provide a large range of services that will allow Overman Family Dentistry to service all of your needs. 

Comprehensive Preventative Care

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Find out how our preventative care philosophy can help keep your teeth healthy for life.

Dentistry For Kids

We have seen many adults that have had anxiety about visiting the dentist due to a bad experience they had as a child. Come see how we go above and beyond to make sure your children have a positive experience.

Cosmetic Solutions

Cosmetic issues might not always affect your physical well being, but they can definitely cause insecurities - insecurities that can really hold you back in life. Let us help. If you suffer from broken, damaged, or yellowed teeth, read about the cosmetic solutions we offer.

Solutions to Common Problems

Overman Family Dentistry wants to provide enduring solutions to meet your needs. Check out our solutions to common problems:

Toothaches are painful and can lead to more serious complications if not treated. Find out how we can help.

Cavities and Damaged Teeth can create problems with your bite, as well as leave the most vulnerable parts of your teeth exposed. Learn about our various treatment options.

Gum Health and Periodontal Disease If you have recurring gum health issues, the general upkeep and maintenance of your teeth and gums should be of highest priority. Read about the causes and options for treating Periodontal Disease.

Missing Teeth  Besides the fact that missing teeth are not aesthetically appealing, they can also cause problems with your bite, as well as the loosening of teeth surrounding the affected area. Thankfully, Overman Family Dentistry offers a variety of solutions to fit your budget.

TMD/Joint Pain TMD and Joint Pain in the jaw can cause ongoing headaches, bite problems and a plethora of other issues. Bite adjustment and Splint Therapy are two of our available treatment methods.


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