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Preventative Care - Overman Family Dentistry

Preventative Care

Preventative care includes anything from brushing and flossing to visiting your dental hygienist on a regular basis.  Improving your oral health will bring you numerous benefits by improving your overall well-being, including your ability to eat and speak properly.

At Overman Family Dentistry, we firmly believe that preventative care is the key to having healthy teeth for life. Preventative care starts with a comprehensive exam that includes the services listed below.

Preventative Care Services

Oral Cancer Screening The purpose of any screening is to find problems early so that they have the best possible chance of being remedied. To prevent oral cancer, it is important to stay up-to-date with regular screenings. Any abnormalities in the tissue can be treated earlier and at a higher success rate if found early, so we feel it is necessary to include it in your comprehensive exam.

Cleaning  A huge part of any dental hygiene regimen is to make sure you get your teeth regularly cleaned. While brushing and flossing regularly is certainly a good habit to get into, it is important to schedule a cleaning with your dentist to take care of plaque buildup and the hard to reach places. Having the dentist clean your teeth can prevent a number of major oral health concerns in the future. Schedule your appointment today.

Periodontal Maintenance For people with periodontal or gum disease, we recommend they visit our office periodically to keep the disease from advancing and to reduce symptoms. We recommend that every 3-4 months, those affected by gum disease, should schedule a maintenance checkup to keep any plaque or bacteria growth under control.

Digital Radiographs are a type of X-Ray where a sensor is placed inside the mouth near the point of interest. Another sensor is placed outside of the mouth. This allows for a complete X-Ray of the oral cavity, making it possible to see clearly the start of any problem areas.

Intra-oral Photos We can use Intra-oral Photos as an easy way to show you, the patient, what is going on inside of your mouth. The image will appear on a computer screen next to your chair so you can see what we see. This allows for easy image captures and thorough examination of the hard to reach and hard to see areas of your mouth. It also aids in showing you the before and after shots of various procedures. 

Comprehensive Exam at Overman Family Dentistry

An initial comprehensive examination usually takes 90 minutes, and includes the Preventative Care Services described above. During the exam, we carry out a comprehensive check of your whole mouth. Our aim is to take a thorough and individualized approach. We take into account your medical and dental history, while listening to your questions and concerns.

We will discuss with you any issues we have identified, present the various treatment options, and then devise a personalized treatment plan. If complex treatment is required, a written comprehensive treatment plan and estimate of fees will be provided. 

Specialist referrals will be organized if this is in your best interest.

Call today to schedule your own Comprehensive Exam!

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