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Toothaches - Overman Family Dentistry


Insert picture hereWhat is a toothache?

Most of us have felt it at some point in our lives---that aching pain in our mouth or jaw area. The pain can start out as barely noticeable, but can quickly become excruciating if not addressed in a timely manner.

Common Causes 

Toothaches are often caused by common tooth problems such as,

  • tooth decay or cavities
  • cracked teeth
  • exposed root
  • gum disease


At Overman Family Dentistry, we deal with toothaches in a variety of ways, including:

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)  If we determine that your toothache is being caused by an infected nerve in your tooth, a root canal may be needed. A Root Canal Treatment is the practice of repairing a badly damaged or infected tooth to prevent its complete loss. There is a small area located within all teeth where the nerve lies. This is referred to as the ‘pulp chamber.’ The nerve is surrounded by ‘tooth pulp.’ If the nerve or the pulp become damaged, it can disintegrate and form bacteria, which can result in an infected or abscessed tooth. To treat that, we must clean the nerve and pulp out of the chamber and seal the tooth. We will perform the procedure with great care to ensure your speedy recovery.

Extraction A severely damaged tooth can cause intense pain and may need to be removed completely. This treatment is referred to as an Extraction, and requires the use of a local anesthetic, (a general anesthetic in severe cases) in order to numb the area around the tooth that is to be removed.  This procedure may sometimes call for stitches after extraction. In the remaining gap, we can insert an implant, denture, or bridge. Recovery times will vary, but usually only extend out to a few days. We will give you a complete run down of guidelines to follow in order to ensure your recovery is as speedy and painless as possible.

Bite Adjustment  Ideally, your teeth are meant to fit together like pieces of a puzzle, but when they don't, it can cause discomfort or pain, and can lead to a plethora of oral health problems. Teeth grinding, headaches, and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) are all problems that an uneven bite can cause. A bite adjustment is a relatively simple and generally painless fix. We start by taking an assessment of your bite by means of x-rays and/or dental impressions. We will then reshape your teeth by grinding down or filling them in order to establish a more fitting bite. The dentists at Overman will take an assessment of your bite by means of x-rays and/or dental impressions, and reshape as necessary.

Periodontal  Sometimes gum disease can be the source of your pain. Gum disease is very treatable, especially when identified early on. The first step is getting the infection under control. Then, depending on the severity of gum disease, there are different approaches to improving it, including Scaling and Root Planning. Visit our Gum Health and Periodontal Disease page to learn more.

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