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Gum Health and Periodontal Disease - Overman Family Dentistry

Gum Health and Periodontal Disease

There are varying levels and types of Periodontal/Gum Disease. Gum inflammation is a symptom resulting from the least severe cases, usually a symptom of Gingivitis, which can usually be reversed by normal, but diligent, brushing and flossing. However, in some major cases where initial preventative steps were not taken, Gingivitis can advance to Periodontal Disease, with symptoms extending into the soft tissue and bone that supports the teeth.

Causes and Symptoms

The main criminal in any gum disease is bacteria, which can lead to plaque buildup on the teeth and near the gum line. If not taken care of, this plaque buildup can turn to tarter buildup, which cannot be rid of by simple, at home, brushing and flossing.  Symptoms of Periodontal Disease include bad breath, swollen, receding or inflamed and bleeding gums, loose or sensitive teeth, and difficult or painful chewing.

The key to any kind of gum disease is to recognize it early with the goal of stopping it, reversing it, or controlling it with diligent dental hygiene care. At Overman Family Dentistry, we can work with you to ensure that this disease does not advance to severe stages, and if it already has, we can do a number of things to help you reverse and control it.

Periodontal/Gum Disease Treatments: Scaling and Root Planning

Depending on the severity of gum disease, there are different approaches to improving it. The main goal of any gum disease treatment is to first get the infection under control. Of course a major aspect of this is keeping up with your oral hygiene routine at home. Unfortunately, that won’t always fix the problem. At Overman Family Dentistry, one approach we can take is a procedure called Scaling and Root Planning. This process entails a deep cleaning of the teeth, gum line, and even the root, which can help get rid of bacteria and germs that collect in those places and advance the disease. The results can be favorable, as most see a reduction in major symptoms.

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