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TMD/Jaw Pain

Insert picture hereTemporomandibular Disorders are caused by issues with the jaw and the neighboring facial muscles. The term can be applied to a number of issues effecting movement of the jaw. This has to do mainly with the Temporomandibular Joint, which joins the lower jaw and temporal bone of the skull flexibly together, as well as the jaw muscles themselves. TMD can be caused by arthritis, teeth grinding, or stress alone, as well as trauma to the area from a blunt blow. TMD can make chewing and speaking difficult as symptoms of TMD include difficulty opening your mouth, jaw lock, or facial swelling, to name only a few.

Treating TMD/Jaw Pain

The disorder is not life threatening, but the discomfort it causes can decrease your quality of life. There are some at home treatments for the disorder, which should be attempted before any drastic or surgical means are taken. However, if problems persist, there are some things we can do here at Overman Family Dentistry to help. These options include bite adjustment or splint therapy, as both have been known to improve the symptoms of TMD.

Bite Adjustment

Bite adjustment is a procedure that reshapes teeth in order the ensure that they fit together properly. TMD can be treated with a bite adjustment, as a bite that is off can cause wear, tear and stress over time on the jaw if not taken care of. A bite adjustment is a relatively simple and generally painless fix. We start by taking an assessment of your bite by means of x-rays and/or dental impressions. We will then reshape your teeth by grinding down or filling them in order to establish a more fitting bite.

Splint Therapy

This treatment involves splints that cover the teeth so that they do not rub together. This prevents grinding of the teeth by removing pressure from the joints and muscles located in the jaw, allowing for them to heal.

If you are suffering from jaw pain or TMD and would like to seek treatment, please give us a call today.

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