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Myobrace is a preventative, pre-orthodontic treatment that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of crooked teeth, often without the need for braces, allowing for natural growth and development.

Most traditional orthodontic practices wait until children have developed all permanent teeth. Unfortunately this can cause avoidable damage to their teeth and more alarmingly, their overall health and development. This is because poor myofunctional habits (poor oral habits) are evident before all permanent teeth are present, which means we can begin treatment much earlier than we thought! Even as early as three years of age.

Myobrace was created to deal with these incorrect habits by teaching children to breathe through their nose, rest the tongue in the correct spot, swallow correctly, and continue widening the jaws so they grow to their full & proper size. Poor oral habits can develop into incorrect breathing patters in your child which often lead to trouble concentrating, interrupted sleep, a compromised immune system, and even pediatric sleep apnea. In the video below, Dr. Barry Raphael, a practicing orthodontist that treats patients with Myobrace, explains some of the indicators of these alarming habits and the development concerns if they are left unaddressed.  

To learn more about the benefits of starting early with Myobrace, visit their website HERE


Myobrace treatment is SO easy. It is a series of flexible appliances worn overnight while sleeping and for another 1-2 hours during the day along with breathing and swallowing exercises at-home, and we'll do them in our office together once a month with our Myobrace experts! Typical treatment time is 18-24 months, but the total length does depend on your child's compliance with the program activities and requirements. 
While the appliances are correcting oral habits, they also allow for further expansion of the jaw in order to obtain correct arch development, dental alignment, and retention. Typically, if further alignment after Myobrace is needed, a patient may have traditional braces placed, but treatment times are much shorter and cases are much less complex. Check out the before and after pictures from! You can also click the photos below to view more Myobrace cases. 

The video below below will give you a great overview of Myobrace, how it works, and the development potential!

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